Acne can accompany you throughout your life!

30% of people suffering from acne are adults at the ages of 30, 40 and even 50. For some, the acne continues pass their teen years into adulthood. For others, acne can start later in life even if they didn’t experience acne as teens. The reasons for “adult acne” are the same as for “teen acne”

Acne in adult women

Most people suffering from adult acne are women between the ages of 20-54. Since acne characterizes teens, many women are not aware of the fact that they are suffering from acne as adults. Generally, acne in adult women manifests as a small number of painful spots that disappear after a few weeks, never reaching a “critical point”. When one spot heels another will appear, usually during the week before the menstrual cycle.

Many women believe that the spots are a result of using cosmetic products, although that is rarely the case. Some women think that acne is the outcome of hormonal imbalance- and they are right. Whatever your age may be-hormones are the cause of acne.

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For many women, hormone levels change throughout the monthly cycle and throughout life. Adolescent years, menstrual cycle, going on or off birth-control pills, before and after menopause, all these changes can be a reason for acne. In addition, with age, the hormone level of estrogen decreases, causing a pre-dispositioned increase of the counteracting hormone, testosterone, which again, results in acne breakouts.

Added emotional or psychological stress is known to increase cortisol levels and other hormones as well that cause excess sebum secretion. Since in women the adrenal gland secretes more androgynous hormones than in men, stress will have a bigger impact on the skin appearance.
Along with adult acne, many women tackle other skin issues associated aging- dry skin, large pores, wrinkles, pigmentation and redness. A woman can become frustrated if she is having to choose between treating acne or treating other skin issues. In an attempt to tackle both problems, often women would mix different products of different brands and find that the benefits of one product contradict the benefits of the other.
Fortunately, technological advances and development of new skin-care products that combine medicine and cosmetics is exactly what ACNON series is all about. Treatment with ACNON products gives the best solution to acne as well as to aging signs, providing you with clear, healthy- and fresh-looking skin.

Acne in adult men

Unlike women, men do not have to deal with the hormonal roller-coaster that causes acne breakouts, therefore, acne usually decreases in men as they get older. Since testosterone levels remain steady after adolescents, for most men acne clears up until they reach mid/late twenties. However, for 25% of men the acne continues and accompanies them up to their 40’s and 50’s.  

Just like acne in adult women, adult acne in men can breakout due to stress, prescription drugs, steroids, hot and moist weather, friction with clothes or miss use of cosmetic products.

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Men, specifically those with curly hair, can develop pimples after shaving. Opposed to acne, shaving-pimples are caused by ingrown hairs, that when shaved can cause redness and infection. These blemishes that appear as pimples also referred to as men pseudofolliculitis barbae. This phenomenon is most common in African men, more that 45% African men are known to suffer from it. Changing your razor every few days or using a shaving machine can help avoid the problem.

Men frequently suffer from different skin problems but won’t refer to treatment. Although the impact of skin disorders on self-confidence can be damaging for men as much as it is for teenagers or for women. We call upon men to use and implement this knowledge, take a hands-on approach for clear skin. The effort will be worthy and noticeable.