Acne and adolescents

Sometimes you think it is the end of the world as you know it and “why me?!” is the only thing you can think about when you look in the mirror. That’s right, heaving acne can be devastating, although if you’ll commit to treating your skin two quick and easy times a day- we can promise you a brighter future, where as quickly as the pimples appear so they go away.

Our teen years are the forming years of our lives, when we learn about ourselves and how to function as young adults. It is a time where unfortunately most teens deal with acne along with the stresses of adolescents. Positive body image is hard to establish, especially if each morning you wake up and see blemished skin. Acne makes about 85% of teens feel embarrassed, lonely and frustrated.

Parents- even if you have forgotten your own struggles with acne, each blemish that appears on your sons or daughters faces, can bring back the same discouraging feelings you once had. Fortunately, today we have the tools to treat acne, to prevent scars and to save our teens from the dealing with the unpleasantness of this disease. As a first step, we encourage you to speak with your teen and have them take an active part in the treatment.

How to treat teen acne

Hormones and genetics are the two main reasons for teen acne- these are two biological forces that are beyond our control. With a few easy, daily routine steps we can reduce acne breakouts and lessen the severity of the breakouts.

All products from the Acnon skin-care line are suitable for acne treatment at all stages.


  • For teens we advise to avoid skin-care products that may not be suitable for oily skin, look for suitable products for acne-prone skin.
  • Teen girls that wear makeup- try to wash off the makeup the first chance you get with suitable products, and by any means do not go to bed without removing your makeup first.
  • Teens that play sports- try to wash up after sweating so that your pores remain clean.
  • You should be aware of tight clothes, backpack and even headphones that can cause irritation to certain spots on your body.
  • Hygiene is very important to help prevent bacterial infections that causes acne. By using anti-bacterial gels, you can keep the skin clean and achieve a less oily complexion.