Facing acne successfully!

GIGI has been treating people with acne-prone skin for years, developing new contemporary products to treat any type of acne. Our year of experience, along with the use of the highest quality raw materials enables us to form the best skin-care treatment for you. Our products are tested by professional cosmetologists that work with the laboratory team to make ACNON the best solution that will prevent your next breakout



ACNON skin-care line is the key for healthy, clear and radiant skin

Healthy and radiant-looking skin is the DNA of GIGI laboratories and the basis for our operation. That’s why we have developed a quick and easy skin-care regimen for you to forget you ever had to deal with acne. All the products in the ACNON line work synergistically with each other and actively prevents acne and its signs. Bottom line- we guarantee you healthy and clear skin throughout puberty and no reminders of it as you move on to adulthood.

Acne treatment should be performed on acne-prone areas, twice a day, for a significant time period- to treat and to decrease breakouts- just like brushing your teeth twice a day prevents cavities.
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